Drain flies tend to appear rather suddenly, they breed quickly and because of their number they become a nuisance. Drain flies are born bred and breed in filth. They are known to carry diseases that can be passed on to humans. Bronchial Asthma can be intensified by drain flies in large numbers. Adult drain flies are tiny, fuzzy, dark or grayish insects with the body and wings densely covered with hairs

Drain flies are more active in the evening when they group around sinks and drains. Before treating for drain flies, you will need to ensure that the infestation is actually coming from the drain rather than some other hidden source of moisture or decay.

Drain flies are often mistaken for fruit flies and can occur in any place residential and commercial.

Sydneys best pest control advises anyone who believes they have drain flies to take the drain fly test!

The Drain Fly Test

  • Thoroughly dry off all sinks, bathtubs, and floor drain areas, before going to bed.
  • Place a strip of clear sticky tape, sticky side down, across the center of each drain. Do not completely cover the drain opening.
  • Leave the sticky tape traps in place overnight or over the weekend if possible.
  • If you find flies stuck to the tape, you know that drain is one of the breeding areas for drain flies.

If you do not find flies, repeat the test for at least 4 more nights to provide for variations in the breeding cycle.

If you do find flies, give us a call on 1300 760 045 for step by step instructions on how to rid these pests from your home!