Fleas are parasites that feed on humans and other warm-blooded animals. It causes discomfort and irritation to both pets and people.

Essential Facts About Fleas

Adult fleas spend most of their time on the animal,not anywhere else and these are what we usually see. They lay all of their eggs (up to 50 per day) on the pet. However, the eggs soon fall off the animal into the carpet, furniture, and wherever else the pet rests, sleeps or spends most of its time.

After hatching, flea eggs develop into tiny, worm-like larvae. Larvae remain hidden deep in carpet fibres, beneath furniture cushions and in other protected areas. The larvae feed mainly on adult flea faeces (dried blood) which accumulates, along with the eggs, in pet resting and activity areas. Then the larvae transform into pupae within a silk-like cocoon. Pupae remain inside the cocoon for 2 to 4 weeks, sometimes longer.


1 Remove pet food and water dishes, cover fish tanks and disconnect their aerators.

2. Remove all toys, clothing, and stored items from floors, under beds, and in closets, so that all areas will be accessible for treatment.

3. Wash, dry-clean or destroy all pet bedding.

4. Vacuum!

5. Insecticide application with the use of a Pest Control.

6. and lastly Treat your pet!