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There are 29 different species of red black spiders distributed throughout Australia, and is often confused with the red back...



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There are more than 35,000 species of spiders in the world and a few thousand of these can be found right here in Australia. Spiders come in wide ranges of size and colour, but are easily recognised by their 8 legs. Spiders are often beneficial in the environment because they eat many types of insects, including those that are pests.

If there is a build-up of spiders in or around your property this is generally because a pest treatment has not been done at the property for a long period of time.

It is important to note that not all spider treatments are the same and your pest control consultant will discuss with you what spiders you are having an issue with.



The spray that is used for spiders also covers you for other pests such as large cockroaches, carpet beetles, silverfish, creamy coloured crickets and any existing wasp nests.

The spray and dust method used for spiders not only eradicates the current population but will also provide a longer-term protection as a residual protection is formed.

If you are having an issue with red back spiders or white tail spiders internally we use the smoke bombs as the general rule with spiders is, that you must spray a spider directly in order eradicate them. The fumigation can get into places the normal spray will not such as under couches, behind heavy or hard to move cabinets and cluttered rooms.

As the chemical needs to come directly in contact with the spider for it to die, ground spider treatments may need to be done on a regular basis especially if you are in a known area for ground spiders.


  • Seal cracks, crevices or gaps in sliding doors, window screens and around pipes where cockroaches may enter
  • Repair any leaking taps as cockroaches need water to survive
  • Wash your dishes and pack food away after meals.
  • Clean up crumbs and spills immediately
  • Keep food containers sealed and don’t leave dirty dishes out overnight.
  • Don’t leave fruit on the countertop.
  • Empty garbage bins and vacuum& mop frequently
  • Keep the house clean!



Sydney’s Best Pest Control offers a 6-month warranty on all spider treatments.

If after you have had an ant treatment done and you are continuing to have an issue with ants after 6 weeks contact us and we will organise a technician to come back to your property and address the issue at no cost to you.


Roof: Dust/powder is sprayed into the roof cavity by the means of a dust gun. The technician will use a ladder to access the roof cavity through the manhole and the dust will be spread throughout this area.

Internal: An internal barrier spray will be applied to the skirting boards throughout the house. All rooms will be treated with the skirting board spray. Dust may also be applied to any cracks and crevices within the house.

If you have red back spiders or white tail spiders inside the house the technician will let off additional smoke bombs.

Sub Floor: Dust/powder will be sprayed into the area under the house

External: Spray will be applied to the following areas; around windows, gutters, fascia’s, garage, sheds, pathways, fence line, laundry, weep holes, cracks and crevices and Telstra pits. If you have an issue with ground spiders, the chemical will be applied to all ground external areas as a blanket spray which is like colouring in the backyard areas with the chemical.




Internally: Clean up internally, limit the clutter within the house as having a cluttered house can introduce pests to your home and become a harbourage area for pests. Limit paper goods and throw out cardboard boxes. Wipe down counter tops, under your appliances to remove any food scraps and wipe down any open jars of honey, syrups, sugars.

If you need to get the additional treatment of smoke bombs you will be required to vacate the property for 6 hours after they have been let off and air the house out well before bringing kids or pets back into the house.

If you are having a ground spider treatment done, pets should be kept away from the treated areas for up to 4 hours.

Externally: Mow the lawns, limit your garbage outside, clean up the backyard area and pack away kids or pet toys.


Spiders will be flushed out and will continue to be flushed out over the next 6 weeks. Spiders around windows will be reduced by 80-90% and red backs should be reduced by 90-100% depending on initial severity. If you have had a severe red back issue, we suggest another external treatment 3 months after the first treatment which would assist in removing any new population build-ups. If you live in a bushy suburb and a lot of trees around the property, you will never stop spiders 100%.


If you live

  • Near bushland,
  • Have many trees in the backyard,
  • Overgrown garden
  • Live in a house with many glass windows.


  • We cannot spray all trees
  • You are in their environment
  • You have conducive conditions that attract spiders.

The pest control chemical technology today works on the principal of the insect meeting the insecticide if you have a lot of clutter; they have many more places to hide.

In saying this, we have found that clients who have a regular pest service, tend to have less occurrence of spider issues.

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These guys were top notch and I would recommend them to anyone in the surrounding area. I called 6 or so places to see if they could come same day for spider removal, and everyone said they were booked solid until next week. I had guests staying with me that day, so i wanted to avoid having dozens of spiders roaming around my apartment. Sam told me he'd try to squeeze me in he just had to double check. He called me back 5 minutes later and said I could expect someone in just an hour or so. They were professional, reliable and very honest.
Sophie Hasson
Sophie Hasson
04:09 08 Mar 18
Very kind service and really helpful. They care about you and your pocket. Sam was really helpful and he had a really big knowledge knowing what my problem was just seeing the photos I sent him. I'm really happy with the service if I hear someone needs a pest control service I would recommend them with no doubt!
Juan Prieto
Juan Prieto
03:45 20 Jan 18
Fantastic service with Immediate results. You won't be disappointed. He was very friendly, informative & did an awesome job today. I'll recommend Sydney's best pest control to everyone I know. Thank You ?
Elmira C
Elmira C
05:30 15 Dec 17
Awesome service. Super friendly. Incredibly thorough. Highly recommended.
Wasif Kasim
Wasif Kasim
04:10 18 Jan 18
I have done a pest control with Sydneys Best recently. It is very worthwhile, reliable and the person who came (Mr Omar) to do the job is very friendly and did the job very well. I recommend this company to any body who want to do a good job and worth for the money you are paying.
Samali Saparamadu
Samali Saparamadu
00:54 29 Aug 17
A knowledgable, friendly and efficient service. Chris was fantastic. It's so refreshing to get an honest appraisal rather than one that is only based on profit. We will definitely use them again.
Jodie Blampied
Jodie Blampied
23:56 19 Sep 18
Sam is one of the most helpful and supportive professionals I have ever met. He will go out of his way to assist you and ensure you receive the best advice regarding the most effective pest control methods available. I would thoroughly recommend Sydneys Best Pest Control without hesitation.
Karen Crowley
Karen Crowley
12:28 04 May 18
A company offering free advice, without pushing for business, is very refreshing. After examining photos of a pest problem I was experiencing, Sam from Sydneys Best Pest Control, phoned me to discuss the matter. His advice was to take my photos to my local hardware store to obtain the correct product to treat the problem myself. There was no pressure to use the services of his company. I was very impressed with Sam’s knowledge and professionalism. After this experience, I would certainly use the company for my annual pest control treatment.
Doreen S
Doreen S
11:12 15 May 18
Had this company out last year for my problem with German cockroaches. Great service, polite and reasonable. Will be using them again.
Lisa Murnane
Lisa Murnane
00:48 19 Jun 18
Wonderful services promote and reasonably priced, recommend them most definitely.
Michael Perigo
Michael Perigo
22:55 27 Jun 18
Chris arrived on time and was very friendly and professional. We did our pest control a month ago and are still seeing dead cockroaches/insects. Good results. Jardine on the phone was nice to deal with too. Would recommend them.
Carmen Lo
Carmen Lo
15:54 09 Nov 18
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