Termites are sent for destruction, at least when it comes to wood and other fixtures in our homes or buikdings.

Do you know that the average colony can eat about one foot of a 2×4 in six months, but certain species of termite can tear through homes at a much faster pace.  Their colonies work 24 hours a day. I wonder if they ever sleep? Most of the times, termite infestations go undiscovered until serious damage is already done to a structure and can last from 1 to 8 years.

Having a termite infestation in our home will severely damage the structural stability of our house. And not only that, it will also decrease our home’s property value. Imagine if you bought your home for $2M and can only sell it at $1m because of the damage termites created – surely you’re gonna cry.

So, what I’m saying is the earlier you check the better chances of detecting, treating and kicking them out of your properties.

What we do first is to look for the signs of termites..

  • Hollowed wood, with outer shell of wood intact
  • Earthen shelter tubes and mud packing on brickwork in subfloor areas or around home
  • Flight tubes from the release of alates (winged form of termites)
  • Flight cuts in trees
  • Swarms of alates flying from the colony (usually in Nov/ Dec)
  • Presence of termite castes in trees or workings
  • Noises
  • Presence of mounds or nests in trees.


You don’t need to wait until you see termites to treat your home. Might be the time you see termites, your home has likely already suffered extensive damage. Therefore, you should call Sydney’s Best pest Control and we will talk to you the best suitable Termite Inspection you should have. We will also provide you an extensive report and appropriate recommendation.