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General Pest Control Treatment- Residential

Pest Control Treatment Information, Preparation and Expectations

No need to leave the property as we use a low mammalian toxicity insecticide, with no internal odour.

No need to empty cupboards or wash anything after the treatment has been done.

Safe to be used around kids and pets.

Working together to solve your pest issues.

In short…

Our Part: Internal spray to skirting boards. External spray to garage, sheds, fence lines, pathways, windows, gutters, fascias. Dusting to roof void (accessed from the inside of the house), sub floor, Telstra pits, cracks, crevices and weep holes.

Your Part: Don’t put the washing out, clean up before treatment, mow the lawns, limit your garbage outside and clean up internally. The more things away from the wall inside the better the barrier. Keep windows and doors closed until the spray dries.

After The Treatment: Cockroaches and other insects will be flushed out for up to 6 weeks. You might notice cockroaches and other pests walking slowly. Large cockroaches and other insects have to come across the insecticide for them to die. IT DOES NOT WORK BY SMELL.

Continue reading for detailed information.

General Spray Pest Inclusions:

  • Large cockroaches (American roaches, Australian cockroaches, smokey brown)
  • Webbing spiders
  • Red back spiders (externally)
  • Carpet beetles
  • Silverfish
  • Creamy coloured crickets
  • Any existing wasp nests

General Spray Control Methods

Large cockroaches are treated using a general spray which includes treatment of roof void, internal skirting boards and external areas.

Roof: Dust/powder is sprayed into the roof cavity by the means of a dust gun. The technician will use a ladder to access the roof cavity through the manhole and the dust will be spread throughout this area.

Internal: An internal barrier spray will be applied to the skirting boards throughout the house. All rooms will be treated with the skirting board spray. Dust may also be applied to any cracks and crevices within the house.

Sub Floor: Dust/powder will be sprayed into the area under the house.

External: Spray will be applied to the following areas. Around windows, gutters, fascias etc. Garage, sheds, pathways, fence line, laundry, weep holes, cracks, crevices and Telstra pits

Protecting Your Home

• Seal cracks, crevices or gaps in sliding doors, window screens and around pipes where cockroaches may enter
• Repair any leaking taps as cockroaches need water to survive
• Wash your dishes and pack food away after meals
• Clean up crumbs and spills immediately
• Keep food containers sealed and don’t leave dirty dishes out overnight
• Don’t leave fruit on the counter top
• Empty garbage bins and vacuum and mop frequently
• Keep the house clean!

(excludes bedbugs)

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How Does The Spray Work?

The spray that is used for our general spray covers you for large cockroaches, webbing spiders, red back spiders externally, carpet beetles, silverfish, creamy coloured crickets and any existing wasp nests.

The spray and dust method used for our general pest control not only eradicates the current population but will also provide a longer term protection as a residual protection is formed.

Wasp nests will be treated but may not be removed, by leaving the wasp nest in place it deters the wasps from rebuilding their nest next to the old nest. The wasp nest can safely be knocked down/off with a broom 10 days post treatment.

Preparing For The General Spray

Internally: Clean up internally, the more things away from the wall inside the better the barrier. Keep windows and doors closed until the spray dries. Limit the clutter within the house as having a cluttered house can introduce pests to your home and become a harbourage area for pests. Limit paper goods and throw out cardboard boxes.

Externally: Don’t hang the washing out, mow the lawns, limit your garbage outside, clean up the backyard area and pack away kids or pet toys.

What To Expect After A General Spray

Pests will be flushed out and will continue for up to 6 weeks, which is what you want. You do not want the pests to continue to hide, as they will then not come across the barrier.  If you conduct annual treatments, you will notice pests dying all year round. You may notice pests walking slowly, which indicates they have been affected by the spray.

Large cockroaches and spiders  in the open or on the fence may not be effected and will not die as they have not come across the low toxicity insecticide.


  • If you are moving into a new home and would like to have it sprayed it is best to have it done before you move in to ensure complete coverage of the sprayed areas, i.e. no furniture to spray around and all cleaning done.
  • For best results any painting or cleaning including carpet cleaning should be done prior to the pest control being carried out. Do not clean down spider webs, this should be done 7 – 10 days after the treatment. Cleaning windows should also be left until after the job is done.
  • Once the spray has been carried out on your home, windows can be cleaned using newspaper or a squeegee with cleaning agents. DO NOT HOSE DOWN THE WINDOWS OR HOUSE.
  • A general pest control treatment should be carried out annually (or 6 monthly for problem areas) from the date of initial treatment to maintain a pest free home for you and your family.
  • Leaking plumbing and appliances entice cockroaches, which carry disease, to breed around these areas as they need moisture and also create a risk for termite infestation.

How Long Is The Warranty?

Sydney’s Best Pest Control offers a 6 month warranty on our general pest control treatment.

How Does The Warranty Work?

If after you have had a general treatment done and you are continuing to have an issue with any of the pests included in this spray after 6 weeks give us a call and we will organise a technician to come back to your property and address the issue at no cost to you.