Covid-19 has forced many businesses to have their staff work from home. Our homes have now been turned into offices and with that come extra expenses not anticipated.

The good news is that you may be able to claim your pest control service, as well as other expenses, as a tax deduction.

The ATO has introduced a new temporary shortcut method to assist you in calculating your expenses with minimal record keeping requirements for claiming work-related tax deductions because of the lockdown having forced people to work from their homes.

If you have a home office, own rental property or own a business, chance are you can deduct a portion of your pest control expenses.

Because pest control benefits your entire home including your office and personal space, it would qualify as an indirect expense. You can only deduct the home office percentage of the total cost of your pest control.

You can still make a claim for working from home under the existing methods, where you calculate all or part of your actual running expenses. The method that suits you best will depend on certain variables such as the duration you will be working at home, the amount of your expenses, the quality of your record keeping as well as if you have a dedicated work area at home.

Claiming Home Office Expenses:

  • Shortcut Method

Although you are not required to keep the receipts or to calculate the specific costs of items bought during this period under the shortcut method. You will however be required to keep a record of the number of hours you have worked.

  • Fixed Rate Method

The fixed rate method is only available if you have a dedicated working area in your home. You will need to keep records of your expenses and be clear on the personal vs deductible work related portion of usage.

  • Actual Cost Method

With the actual cost method you will need to keep records of all your expenses as well as the number of hours you have worked from home. Using this method you can claim all the actual work-related portions of your running expenses.

You can find out more about these methods used to calculate your working from home expenses as well as what you can and cannot claim for here.

Click these links to learn more about claiming for your tax deduction and contact your tax professional for further advice to make sure you are getting the correct deductions.

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