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Red and Black Spider


There are 29 different species of red black spiders distributed throughout Australia, and is often confused with the red back spider because of its colours and markings. This spider lives in the drier parts of Australia and is harmless.


Scientific Name

Ambicodamus crinitus




Kingdom: Animalia

Eumetazoa: metazoans

Bilateria: bilaterally symmetrical animals

Protostomia: protostomes

Arthropoda: arthropods

Class: Arachnida

Order: Araneae

Family: Nicodamidae

Genus: Ambicodamus


  • Female: 7 mm
  • male: 5 mm
  • legs are uniformly red
  • Abdomen black
  • Eight eyes, small, in two straight rows
  • Slender legs
  • The male waves its front legs while walking


  • On or close to the ground with little webbing present
  • Small sheet webbing
  • They sit upside down in their open web
  • There are numerous vertical threads attached to the ground
  • They place droplets of their sticky substance at the base of the web
  • Males may enter inside the house on the search for a female
  • Their webs can be found built under bark, stones or logs.


  • The males leave their web, during daylight hours in search of a mate
  • The egg-sac is flat made of white fluffy silk
  • 35-50 eggs are concealed in the egg sac


  • There are no recorded ill effects from the bites of these spiders
  • However there may be some species with a venom toxic to humans