Non Toxic Pest Control


Is there such a thing as non-toxic pest control?

What is non-toxic pest control?

Toxic Definition:

“Containing or being poisonous material especially when capable of causing death or serious debilitation”

I don’t know about you, but when you call a pest control company, does hearing what you want to hear and hearing it by someone else, reinforce you to believe what you want to hear?

…………..or do you want to know the facts.

Some pest control companies will reply “No, our chemicals are non-toxic”

So if we want to apply the above definition and you want to get eradicate your cockroaches or spiders, mice, fleas, etc. you may ask then what are they going to use to eradicate my pest issue?



You want us to eradicate your pests, correct?

We all know that water and cordial are obviously non-toxic substances, otherwise we would not be given them to our kids to drink and we all know that the complete opposite of non-toxic is poisonous!

So, if an insecticide is non-toxic then what they are using?

Do we agree on this point??

Ok, let’s move forward….

It has occurred to me that the terms environmentally friendly, Non-toxic, safe for pets and children, it won’t harm, are in vogue, and are used all the time to secure a sale.

The majority of customers may not understand pest control terminology & and many companies play on this by believing that if they tell the customer anything or they tell them what the customer wants to hear it will work because at the time of the call a lot of customers are in a desperate state of mind as they want their pests to disappear ASAP

On another side….

We get some customers calling and asking what medicine do you use to get rid of my cockroaches, spiders, pests?

I believe we are at your premises killing cockroaches, not trying to make them better or stronger!

These calls usually come in from people attempting to translate from their native language to English and it can be amusing, which in our job is a good thing!

The Facts

All pesticides, insecticides, cockroach sprays, dusts are TOXIC!


We use a NIL or VERY LOW ODOUR, (if you are sensitive) LOW MAMILLIAN TOXICITY INSECTICIDE, synthetically made to mimic Natural insecticide like Pyrethrum.

If your pets or children are insects, we will ask you take them out to protect them. Otherwise it is safe to be home during and after the treatment, but please instruct the residents of your home not to lick the walls.

Or if that voice in your head re appears, telling you, “Na I am still not convinced”, we ask you do whatever it takes to alleviate your fears, whether it be shopping, leaving for the day, staying overnight in a hotel (women this is a good way to get your man to take you away for the night or the weekend)

Dogs & cats are mammals so really it should not be a problem.

If you have fish, birds or reptiles, please inform us and we will be able to give you the steps which need to be carried out to secure their safety.

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