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Moving In Or Moving Out?

Moving into a new home can be exciting as well as scary and most people will do a thorough clean before they move in, no matter how clean the house appears. Cleaning is not enough to rid of the house of all pests because they can hide in small cracks and crevices that you cannot get into to clean. The only sure way of ensuring your house is pest free is to have the pest control done before you move in!


Moving In

Sydney’s Best Pest Control can assist you with all your pest control needs before you move your family into a new property. We recommend the pest control be done after your final clean. This includes internally and externally and before you move any furniture in.  Pest control in an empty property is more effective when the pests have fewer spots to hide and treatment takes less time to complete.

Let’s face it, who wants to move into a house not knowing if there are any creepy crawlies hanging around. Protect your family and rest easy knowing your pest control has been done by professionals!

The only time we may suggest to complete a pest control treatment, after you have moved in is when you have German cockroaches at the residence you are vacating, as you might bring them with you to the new place. German cockroaches love to be in the microwave, under kettle and behind the fridge.


Moving Out

Most tenancy agreements stipulate that if you have kept pets on the premises then you will need to organise a pest control treatment specifically for fleas when you are vacating a property.

Sydney’s Best Pest Control can help in organising the flea treatment once you have vacated the property and we can either email the receipt/proof of treatment either to you or to the landlord/agent directly.

Just remember do the flea treatment last thing before moving out, that is after carpet cleaning or any other cleaning.

 The landlord/agent may withhold your bond if this treatment is not undertaken, which of course is fair enough because no one wants to move into a property infested with fleas!

 If you have German cockroaches and you are moving out, we suggest you do a treatment 4 weeks before vacating the property, so you do not transport them with you to the new place.

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