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Rat, Mice, Possum, or Cockroach Droppings?



Possum_droppings_pest_control_sydney Possum_droppings_pest_control_sydney Rat_rodent_droppings_pest_control_sydney

Brushtail Possum pellets
(Photo: Peter Canty)

Ringtail Possum pellets
(Photo: Peter Canty)

Black Rat
(Photo: Peter Canty)
Common Brushtail Possums produce cylindrical
pellets (droppings) that vary in size and colour due to their wide variety
of diet. The pellets are usually found as a group of individual pellets or
may be grouped in clumps or as strings (from hair or plant material
Common Ringtail Possums also produce
cylindrical pellets that are generally smaller than those of the Common
Brushtail Possum. The pellets are usually found in groups of 3-6, have a
granulated surface and both ends are usually rounded. Pellet colour varies
with diet.
Rats produce narrow cylindrical pellets with
one or both ends pointed. Pellet colour varies with diet but is commonly
dark brown or black.


mouse_mice_Rat_rodent_droppings_pest_control_sydney cockroach_droppings_pest_control_sydney german_cockroach_cockroach_droppings_pest_control_sydney
Cockroach species Droppings
Cockroach species Droppings


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