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You will need to vacate the premises for 4hrs after the treatment& a follow up treatment may be required in 6 weeks

Working together to solve your pest issues

In Short…

Our Part :We will conduct an internal and external blanket spray, All internal and external areas will be covered with chemical. You and your pest will be required to vacate the premises for 4hrs after the treatment.

Your Part :Wash your pets in a good flea shampoo for 3 days prior to the treatment, start your pets on a good flea treatment. Vacuum daily using a paper bag until your appointment, If you have floor boards, mop daily with hot water and tea tree oil. Mow the lawn short and soak with water a day before treatment. Clear the ground of any leaf matter and remove goods you have on the ground inside the house and place them on tables.

After the Treatment ::2nd treatments may be required. Vacuum Daily after the day of treatment as this will assist the eggs hatching and the pupae being released from their eggs. You may continue to see fleas and be bitten for up to 3 weeks

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Flea Control Method:
Fleas are a common pest problem in homes especially when cats or dogs are present. Not only are they a concern for pets but they are also bite humans. Fleas are usually found in the homes with pets but they can also be a problem for new homeowners that move into previously infested homes and apartments. Pest control is important not only because of the discomfort bites cause to pets and people but also because fleas are carriers of the tapeworm parasite.
Pets can pick up roundworm infestations from flea bites, while small children can become infected with tapeworms if they accidentally eat a flea or two which happens to be carrying the organism in the early stages of its life cycle. This is a fairly infrequent risk, but nobody wants to chance it when they have small children. Furthermore, being covered with itching bites is an unpleasant experience, and pets can become anaemic if they receive enough flea bites.

Internal: We will conductan internal blanket spray which means that all floor areas will be covered with chemical. The more floor area that is free the more areas that can be treated.
External: We will conduct an external blanket spray which means that all ground areas externally, both grass and cemented/tiled areas will be covered in chemical.
Subfloor area:A Powder orablanket spray will be applied to the sub floor area.

Protecting your home…..


• Clean up spills and food crumbs quickly.
• Empty rubbish bins often.
• Do not feed pets inside.
• Store food in pest-proof containers.
• Rinse out jars and containers before placing them in rubbish and recycling bins.


• Keep trees and shrubs trimmed back from your house.
• Keep gutters and storm drains free of debris.
• Watch for new ant mounds or nests around your home.
• Keep trash bags sealed and in closed garbage cans.
• Seal doors and windows

(excludes bedbugs)

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How does the flea treatment work?
We use 2 products for treating fleas, to the spray we add a product called IGR. The IGR breaks the flea cycle by rendering the fleas sterile. It is important to break the growth cycle of the fleas and this is done with the use of IGR.The spray kills the adult fleas instantly.
The way that IGR works is that it absorbs into the eggs and the young are born sterile so they are unable to reproduce. With the nymph stage it stops the nymphs from forming a new skin, so once they shed their skin they are unable to produce new skin killing them.
Sometimes fleas may require 2 treatments, this is because there are unhatched eggs.
We would normally say wait 3-4 weeks before getting a second treatment and only if it is required
Preparing for a flea treatment
For your pet: We would suggest washing your pets with a good flea treatment, once a day for 2-3 days.
You should start your pets on a flea program from the vet or good pet store. We do recommend using something like Advantage, Frontline etc. If your pets are already on a program, we suggest you alternate between flea treatments every 2-3 months as this prevents the fleas building up immunity to the one product.
From the previous jobs that we have done, we have identified that customers using only one product over a long period end up with fleas on their pets. (We recommend asking your vet also)

Internally:We recommend that you vacuum daily using a paper bag, not your cloth bag, until the day of your scheduled appointment for treatment. Floor boards or any hard floor areas should be mopped daily with hot water and tea tree oil.
Remove goods you have on the ground inside the house and place them on tables.
Externally:Mow the lawn short and soak with water a day before treatment.
Make sure that the ground is clear of any leaf matter if you have paving or concrete make sure all leaves have been cleaned.
What to Expect After a flea treatment
A follow up treatment may be required in 3-4 weeks.
You should continue to Vacuum Daily after the day of treatment as this will assist the eggs hatching and the pupae being released from their eggs
It is common to continue to see fleas and be bitten for up to 3 weeks after the treatment.
If you have pets, it is essential to prevent fleas becoming established in carpets and bedding:
• Vacuum carpets and furnishings where pets sleep to remove fleas and eggs. Use the strongest suction that will not damage the fabric. Empty the vacuum cleaner bag directly into a sealable plastic bag and immediately discard it outside your home.
• Wash pet bedding regularly in hot water to kill flea eggs, larvae, and adults within cocoons
• Take care when transferring bedding, rugs, etc, to avoid spreading flea eggs
• Consider placing pet beds in areas without carpets such as on wooden floors
• Have your pets treated for fleas the same day your property is sprayed.

Further Information
• Although pets are the most common way to get fleas, homes without pets can also get infested. If you go outside, you can bring fleas in so it is best to do a flea check now and then to be safe.
• Fleas can be found in the home in all seasons but the most common time for an infestation is spring and summer.
• Fleas like other blood sucking parasites they can transfer diseases.
• Check with your veterinarian when treating pets for fleas.
• Be aware that while vacuuming can help in fighting fleas, you must change the bag or empty the canister. Then take the trash outside right away. There may still be live fleas and flea eggs in the bag or canister and they can re-infest your home.
How long is the warranty?
Warranty on fleas does apply after the 2nd treatment. After the follow up treatment has been carried out we offer a 3 month warranty on flea treatments.
How does the warranty work?
If after you have had the follow up flea treatment done and you are continuing to have an issue with fleas contact us and we will organise a technician to come back to your property and address the issue at no cost to you.

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